Feingold To Vote No On Financial Reform Bill?

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Where is the actual Yahoo Answers building, and servers located?

Question by Mr. Spin: Where is the actual Yahoo Answers building, and servers located? They must have a huge cluster of servers and hard drives. Is it possible that the servers are located in different parts of the globe, yet networked together? I was in a warehouse of major college, doing service work (on a […]

NSA Illegally Spying on Everyone: Craig B. Hulet Reports

Noted radio and television host John B. Wells guest hosts the Alex Jones Show today, Tuesday, June 5. Alex co-hosts today’s show from the road via video Skype as he works his way back to Texas from the 2012 Bilderberg confab in Virginia. Wells is heard on radio and television stations throughout the United States, […]

#3 Miami vs Florida State Basketball Highlights

2/3/2013: 3rd ranked Miami holds off a furious second half comeback from Florida State and wins 74-68. The Hurricanes improve to 11-0 in ACC play, best in the conference. Shane Larkin scored a game-high 22 points for Miami, which hasn’t lost since Christmas. Subscribe to the ACCDN: tinyurl.com Follow the ACCDN on Twitter: twitter.com Like […]