027/365 – Rest In Peace Steve Jobs!

027/365 – Rest In Peace Steve Jobs!
Virginia Software
Image by eha1990
© 2011 Eric Adeleye Photography. (Press "L" for a larger view of the photograph)

Pictured in this photograph is the guts of my retired PowerPC, my dead iPod, and my even deader iPhone 3GS. Steve Jobs touched the world, and Apple changed the way people worked and played. Back in the early 2000s, around 2002, I was a diehard Microsoft Windows fanboy. I was brainwashed like all the other windows-heads, and I thought Apple would go out of business one day soon. I had been working in the Information Technology for years and everything I touched and trained on had Windows seal of approval from Bill Gates on it. At a company I worked at in Virginia, a software engineer at my job was selling some old Apple hardware to make way for the new Apple PowerPC that was coming out. Being the geek that I am, I can not say no to a new toy to play with so I purchased one of the used PowerPCs that was for sell. Within 2 weeks of using the PowerPC, I was hooked on OS X and I’ve never looked back. Resistance was futile, I had been assimilated into the Apple OS X collective. I could now relate to how Captain Picard felt when he became a Borg. I lost my way for a while once Apple declared that they were switching to the Intel processor. The Intel switch caused me to look for another alternative which eventually led me to Ubuntu Linux. After several years of using Linux as my main OS (operating systems for non-geeks), I’m planning the switch back to OS X because it simply works and does exactly what I need. Mr. Jobs will be missed, but his legacy will live on. The world is more open to totally trusting "the cloud" with its most personal data. And there are generations of kids who will never know the joys of owning a Sony Walkman. Thank you Apple, and as the Vulcans say, live long and prosper!

Nikon D200
Vivtar Series 1 19-35mm
Westscott 42" umbrella
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Lightroom 3.4
HDR Efex Pro

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