1 of 6 6-24-2010 8:17PM Setup at Wal-Mart by Virginia Newbon, white shirt to intimidate me re: jail

Virginia Newbon knows my cousins despise her, thus she finds lookalikes with her NSA powers specifically “facial recognition software” of which she uses my cousins name and then finds a look alike, and then fields him to engage me. The white shirt scheme is to intimidate me I’m going to jail for a child abuse charge she got me setup on. This persons partner has a black shirt. The black shirt signals mental health is a problem I have. I parked my bicycle in the lobby and the door attendant refused to allow it, even though there is no sign to make it a violation, but more importantly all the other times I come to this Walmart (Colfax & Wadsworth) they allowed me too. So setting me up is done over a period time, where you’re used to one procedure but suddenly it changes, everyone in the video is FBI agents.
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