1160 The Charlottesville Virginia, AMTRAK Station

1160 The Charlottesville Virginia, AMTRAK Station
Virginia Union University
Image by bsabarnowl
Charlottesville’s Union Station was constructed in 1885 and sits between the University of Virginia and downtown Charlottesville.
In 1999, Amtrak and the city of Charlottesville dedicated the newly renovated depot following a 0,000 effort.
Amtrak moved out of the original station and into the former Railway Express Agency building built in the 1980s.
The new facility has a more modern waiting area, ticket counter and restroom, as well as better parking lot access and the addition of a full-service restaurant.
One of the unique features of this station is that its two trains serve the station on two separate tracks on either side of the station.
The lines cross just south of the building.

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