128:365 – yellow chair

128:365 – yellow chair
Virginia Insurance
Image by cavale
we ate at chili’s for free today.
i had coupons.

on the way home we drove by this, and i made sam turn around so i could take a picture.
i’m glad i did that, because i never do that.

new plan:
-go to disney world free for my birthday.
-go to alabama and leave sam’s car at my parents house because they live in rural alabama where people have cars sitting all over their yard all the time. that’s the only way we can keep our car and not have sam’s mom paying insurance on it.
-hitchhike to california
-hitchhike to new mexico for the rainbow gathering
-hitchhike to burning man????
-hitchhike back to alabama and get the car
-find some way to raise money to get an apartment. (clinical research studies?)
-get an apartment in florida, get blasphemous student loans, get serious, go to school


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