20000113 – flowers sent by Clint to Carolyn on Clint’s birthday

20000113 – flowers sent by Clint to Carolyn on Clint’s birthday
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Yes, Clint sent Carolyn flowers on his birthday. Some background – On Christmas Eve, Carolyn had a whole elaborate plan that involved her getting up early and driving around so that she could see both families that day. However, her 1982 GMC Suburban decided not to start that morning, and all the plans went up in smoke. The next Tuesday, she bought a new (used) car.

On Monday, January 3rd, Carolyn was returning to work after her week off on vacation when she was suddenly rear-ended. That week, she borrowed her Dad’s white Suburban to use while the insurance got the rental car all straightened out. On Clint’s birthday, since Carolyn & Clint were going to Woodbridge for dinner that night, Carolyn was going to return the suburban to her father. That day, when Carolyn went out to lunch, it was really REALLY windy. She was getting into the suburban in a parking lot at a shopping center when suddenly the wind wrenched the door from her hand, and SLAMMED it into the car next to her!!! There was a huge 6" white scratch on the car next to her. To make matters worse, the owner of the car was right there, and gave Carolyn a hard-time about the scratch. Carolyn gave the lady her insurance information, and went back to work. And broke into tears because she was mortified that had happened. She called Clint to tell him the news, and while she was blubbering into the phone (she didn’t have a cell phone back there), her co-workers got all concerned about her. They tried to cheer her up. Eventually she calmed down and got back to work. A couple of hours later, the receptionist called and said there were flowers for Carolyn. Carolyn was confused because she had no idea who would send her flowers. She thought the receptionist had her mixed up with someone else. But, nope, they were flowers from Clint. Because he knew that Carolyn needed some extra cheering up after all that she had been through! How sweet!

Clint’s comment: I wish lady could have bothered with her two missing commas. Good grammar is sweeter 🙂

Carolyn, Clint.
card, flowers.

January 13, 2000.

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