20081108 – goth yard sale – corsets – (by Kier) – 3017564131_8ca3dab112_o

20081108 – goth yard sale – corsets – (by Kier) – 3017564131_8ca3dab112_o
Virginia Network
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
For the first time ever, social networking site clintjcl.multiply.com/ actually gave me information I found useful. The location and date of a goth yardsale, complete with 40 corsets. It was a benefit of sorts for a friend of a friend of a friend who tragically died in her early 20s — very recently.

The corsets turned out to mostly be too small for Carolyn, but nonetheless — We did get her a few unique items. I also got my now-famous pimp hat, which will show up in later pictures. They were also serving alcohol (at 9am), had a sponsored sex toy tent (20% of the tent’s proceeds went to the benefit of the yardsale). I believe we got a pair of fake leather pants for .

There was also a pimp cane someone was eyeing, but I already have a cane, and someone else snatched it up before I could buy it. (It turns out the cane of my grandparents is too short for me to use — when I briefly hurt my foot, I and used it for 6 hours or so, it was really uncomfortable to use due to being several inches too short.)

There were also deliberately creepy items, like fake babies in jars and stuff like that. I was very tempted, but we didn’t have anyplace to put them, literally using every inch in our house.

It was fun. We were there for quite awhile. It was nice that they had a separate tent to change clothes in to try things on too!


Fairfax, Virginia.

November 8, 2008.
Pic by Kier C.

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