20091212 – 0 – harddrive failure – SpinRite software – GEDC1120 – Division Overflow Error @ B022

20091212 – 0 – harddrive failure – SpinRite software – GEDC1120 – Division Overflow Error @ B022
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
"Division Overflow Error! A critical error occurred at: B022 from which SpinRite cannot recover. The system has been halted!

To tell you the truth, I was relieved. I did not want to wait 43 hours to use my computer again. It would be nice if the screenshot said what address to send this information to.

I like the ASCII chain link fence background!

Hard drive problems! We went to watch Flapjack last night at 2:30AM and noticed the folder wasn’t there. In fact, folders stopped after the letter S (And this folder started with T for The Marvelous Adventures Of Flapjack). In fact, a lot of the drive was seemingly missing. Adding to the confusion, I could do "dir t*" and see all the folders that started with T, but if I simply did "dir", it would stop at S. This is bad.

Opened case to hook to a different SATA port, my first line of defense that so often fixes SATA drive problems. Replaced my cable. Noticed my RAM wasn’t fully seated. In fact, it’s physically mangled to the point where I had to pull 2 of my 4G. That’s okay — I regret buying the extra 2G, and it cost me infinitely more time than it saved anyway.

Burned an ISO of SpinRite and ran SpinRite. It said it would take 43 hours. Ran downstairs, found the optical digital cable from our X-Box that recently died of a crashed drive (lost all savegames!), and hooked it from Carolyn’s computer to my stereo.Since she has a backup of our complete music collection, we had music restored again! Enabled her 2nd monitor, played with the optical/HDMI settings on my stereo, and we had it so that we could watch videos on the big 52-inch TV and nice 7.1 stereo again. Though her computer only outputs in 4:3, so we would probably stick to fullscreen shows.

But then SpinRite petered out and said it couldn’t finish, so I rebooted and am now moving files off. This will likely take a good week. I’m probably going to order another drive to copy recovered files to. And then RMA this drive to Western Digital. It’s only 7 months into its 5yr warranty. They’re going to lose money on me.

data recovery.
SpinRite, Western Digital Caviar Green WD15EADS00R6B0 harddrive, division overflow error, error screen, screenshot.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

December 12, 2009.

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