20100227 – Clint’s car – tie rod broke – Clint’s tires point in different directions – outtake – FAIL edit

20100227 – Clint’s car – tie rod broke – Clint’s tires point in different directions – outtake – FAIL edit
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
This is the FAIL edit. A simple automated diptych completely ruined this picture: The front tires appear to be pointing the same way in this version. In fact, they are pointing in different directions. When I saw this, I knew I’d have to re-do it the "right way" by rotating the two pictures Carolyn took.

Pontiac Bonneville 1993 car, car, shadow, tires.
FAIL. diptych. outtake.

Alexandria, Virginia.

February 27, 2010.
Pic by Carolyn.

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BACKSTORY: Clint’s car was *finally* fixed after many months of being totaled by hitting a deer — but he never got to drive it, because the major snowstorms came through and buried the car. Carolyn made the mistake of saying "Maybe we should take it for a spin. You know, to make sure it runs." When she said "take it for a spin", she didn’t mean literally! We pulled out of the driveway, and it was like skidding on snow. Only problem was, there wasn’t any snow.

Clint got out and looked at the tires, but they seemed fine. (He didn’t look at the front one, which was the problem.) Once Clint finished pulling out of the driveway, we managed to get some speed, and then BAM, it just spontaneously started skidding for no damned reason. It was scary.

We attempted to make a U-turn so we can go back into our driveway. Not wanting to go up the wrong side of the street, we’d have to go down the block. We didn’t get far at ALL. Turnsout the tie rod broke, and so the front wheels were pointing the complete opposite directions of each other.

We hit the left curb right in front of the telephone pole that got broken in 2 by drunk drivers (twice in 2010). Cars started almost hitting us, because people who drive on this road are idiots. There was literally an SUV [biggest assholes on the road] that squeezed between our car and the car in the lane next to us! Scary shit, we almost died!

Clint was just about to yell "abandon ship", when a cop pulled up and turned his lights on so that cars wouldn’t continue to almost hit us. The cops set up some flares for us, and they spent a long time trying to figure out if our car can be fixed enough to get it into our driveway. They saved our asses, and it’s the first time a cop’s ever been there when you need one.

Eventually we realized it was impossible to drive at all, and so the cops called a tow truck for us. Once again, screw Henry’s Wrecker Service — they were already on our personal blacklist for when we arrange for towing through our insurance company. But because Clint’s car was paid out in full after being totaled (mmm…,000), no more free towing. So Henry’s Wrecker Service charged 5 to tow it one mile to Pep Boys. Turns out Pep Boys has towing all along. We should know better than to go with the flow with anything; it never pays off.

0 and 24 hours later, Clint’s car is back. Still ,100 ahead on the totaling. Still winning.

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