308-312 Virginia Avenue, Hotel Gilliland

308-312 Virginia Avenue, Hotel Gilliland
Virginia Hotels
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Take in Clarksville, Virginia. This was the Hotel Gilliland, built in 1898. I don’t know the date of the hotel’s demise; but today an antique store and a beauty salon occupy the ground level. The old hotel is 3 stories high and 6 bays wide. The decorative metal cornice has been partially removed. The 1898 date of construction is at top center. The brick frieze is soldier course, and decorative brick panels are above the 3rd story windows. These upper story windows have pressed-metal hoods. An entrance to upper levels is located in the center bay of 1st story. At one time the hotel had an open 2-story porch across street façade; this explains the 2nd story “door-to-nowhere” and the marks on the front. VDHR ID: 192-0121-0008 [Virginia Department of Historic Resources}

Major source: Two Mecklenburg Towns—Boydton and Clarksville, ed. by John G. Zimmer, published by Virginia Department of Historic Resources in cooperation with the Southside Planning District Commission, Richmond 2003

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