520 St. James Street

520 St. James Street
Virginia Union University
Image by VCU Libraries

Address/Title: 520 St. James Street

Photographer: Zehmer, John G. (John Granderson), 1942-

Original Description (from Book): An Italianate brick house in a generally well-preserved state, this was the home of Dr. J. E. Jones, a professor at Virginia Union University in the late nineteenth century.

City/Location: Richmond (Va.)

Date of photograph: ca. 1978

Map URL: maps.google.com/maps?q=37.54745,+-77.44004+(520%20St.%20J…

Original Publication: Zehmer, John G., and Robert P. Winthrop. 1978. The Jackson Ward historic district. Richmond: Dept. of Planning and Community Development.

Rights: www.library.vcu.edu/copyright.html

Reference URL: dig.library.vcu.edu/u?/jwh,620

Collection: VCU Jackson Ward Historic District

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