700 North Second Street

700 North Second Street
Virginia Insurance
Image by VCU Libraries

Address/Title: 700 North Second Street

Photographer: Zehmer, John G. (John Granderson), 1942-

Original Description (from Book): This large early twentieth century building was once the home of the Richmond Beneficial Insurance Company. Along with the now demolished Consolidated Bank and the St. Lukes Headquarters this building is symbolic of the emergence of black capitalism.

City/Location: Richmond (Va.)

Date of photograph: ca. 1978

Map URL: maps.google.com/maps?q=37.548046,+-77.436405+(700%20North…

Original Publication: Zehmer, John G., and Robert P. Winthrop. 1978. The Jackson Ward historic district. Richmond: Dept. of Planning and Community Development.

Rights: www.library.vcu.edu/copyright.html

Reference URL: dig.library.vcu.edu/u?/jwh,690

Collection: VCU Jackson Ward Historic District

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