Alex Jones fake; idiot candidates; war worries; Obama the puppet; Wall St. scams

The Stench of Truth talk radio show. Conspiracies, UFOs, coverups, hidden history and more every Friday 7-9 PM Eastern time at: ORIGINAL MUSIC FOR THE SHOW PROVIDED BY VOCALBRUSH! http My blogs: http The Stench of Truth (520).mp4 Alex Jones only proves what he thinks of his listeners and of his supposed “job” by having the most fake and phony “breakdown” on air that is laughable. He thinks his listeners are such idiots that he doesn’t even have to act anymore. What a stupid schmuck. Keep falling for it idiots lemmings that follow everything this idiot says and he has the nerve to call people outside his influence sheep! Crazy. Rick Perry and Newt “the asshole” Gingrich fail to get on ballot in Virginia and cry like babies afterward. What a bunch of simpletons. Ha, ha assholes! Syria has Arab League observers in place to look at the situation and Iran is making noises along with counter noises by the US. I hold by my prediction of no new military action until after the election. Obama proves once again that he is Bush reincarnated only worse by appointing a Carlyle Group man, Jerome Powell, to the Federal Reserve Board. The Marxist trappings make him ideal to destroy anything left of this place and make it into the plantation colony it always was but more openly and clearly. The circus of the payroll tax cut and the assault on Social Security was in the news. Mind you they have achieved their goal

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