Annandale – Presidents Day Snowstorm

Annandale – Presidents Day Snowstorm
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Image by roger4336
The "Presidents Day snowstorm" came on the night of Sunday/Monday, February 18/19, 1979. There was 19 inches (about 60 cm) of snow. This was the scene on Wedneday, February 21, probably in the early afternoon. Random Court had not yet been plowed, more than two days after the snow ended. The network of "tunnels" across Random Court and the circle was extended.

Offices were were closed at least through Wednesday. When the street was plowed, much of the snow was pushed against my driveway, and I had to shovel that away. The layout of the circle meant that usually happened.

The Presidents Day snowstorm is the third largest on record in Washington. It was exceeded by the "Kickerbocker snowstorm" in January 1922 (26-28 inches, depending on source) and a snowstorm in February 1899 (18-20 inches). A later snowstorm in February 2010 was 18 inches at Washington National Airport, the official weather station, but larger amounts fell at other area locations. That was long after I had moved away.

My 1973 Volkswagen is in the driveway, and Eileen’s AMC Gremlin is in the carport.