Any hotels in Virginia Beach for under 21?

Question by Tom S: Any hotels in Virginia Beach for under 21?
My girlfriend, and I, plus another couple, all 19, are trying to plan a few day vacation to Virginia Beach this summer. I am having trouble finding a hotel (looked on expedia and called a few places) that will rent to people under 21. Its really dissapointing because we are all responsible college students who wouldn’t think about trashing the place, but just want to get away for a weekend in the summer.

Does anyone know of any places, or a way to find places that will offer us their services?

Ideally, I’m looking for something in the $ 100 per night weekday rate, near the legit virginia beach area (as opposed to Norfolk or the state park areas).

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Answer by divemasterme
What you can do is book online with some credit card . They will never ask for an id while you book on like or up at the front when you check in. I do this all the time when I reserve hotel rooms to go snowboarding.

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