Are there any lawyers in Virginia willing to take on a pro bono case?!?!?

Question by slim: Are there any lawyers in Virginia willing to take on a pro bono case?!?!?
I have a friend who has been incarcerated for two months on serious criminal charges. There is no evidence against her but she was on probation for a minor charge at the time of her arrest so she was denied bond. She has not seen her lawyer since her bond hearing 2 months ago and has been unable to contact her. The lawyer did not show up for the prelim. and the case was rescheduled for three months from now. Any lawyers in the Hampton Roads Virginia area willing to take on an open and shut criminal case pro bono?!?
long story short, she was with someone who committed a robbery. she gave him a ride to a store near his house and when she realized what he was doing she left him. he was caught and arrested and he told the police they were in on it together so the police arrested her at work and shes been in jail ever since. she was on one year probation for destruction of property. the police claim they have her prints on a weapon but the weapon was in his possession at the time of his arrest. the victims involved have already stated that they never saw her, they saw him and he used the weapon…

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Answer by Barry C
If she can’t afford a lawyer, one can be appointed for her.

I am sure there is evidence against her, and she already has a criminal history.

The evidence will be presented at trial, but what makes your friend’s case so special or interesting that an attorney will volunteer his or her time, which is the only resource they have to sell?

Is there an important matter of law here, or is it just a routine jailbird case?

the honest, unbiased answer to that will be directly related to your chances of getting a private pro bono attorney

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