Arlington National Cemetery – Pic 32

Arlington National Cemetery – Pic 32
Virginia Western
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This is the grave of US Major General Julius Stahel – Arlington National Cemetery. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Stahel helped recruit the 8th New York Infantry regiment, also known as the First German Rifles. He became their lieutenant colonel. Stahel would lead the regiment during the First Battle of Bull Run, guarding the rear of US Brigadier General Irvin McDowell’s army. Stahel would transfer to western Virginia with the regiment’s first colonel, Louis Blenker. Promoted colonel, Stahel would command a brigade in Blenker’s division which would be assigned to the Mountain Department. In July 1862, Stahel would command a brigade, in Robert C. Schenck’s Division, of US Major General John Pope’s Army of Virginia. With Schenck’s wounding, Stahel would command his division during the Second Battle of Bull Run. Appointed brigadier general in November 1862, he would command a division in in US Major General Franz Sigel’s Corps – later to be re-designated the XI Corps. Stahel would be promoted major general on March 14, 1863 and was assigned command of a division of Federal cavalry operating in the defenses of Washington City. In the spring of 1864, Stahel would command the First Division of Union Cavalry operating with Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley. While he would be repulsed at the Battle of New Market, he performed bravely at the Battle of Piedmont, for which he would be awarded the Medal of Honor. Stahel died at New York City on December 4, 1912.

GPS coordinates: 38.88041; -77.07238

Photo by: Michael Noirot