Arlington National Cemetery – Pic 57

Arlington National Cemetery – Pic 57
Virginia Western
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This is the grave of U.S. Major General William S. Rosecrans – Arlington National Cemetery. Rosecrans was a graduate of West Point and an engineer by trade. Just before the surrender of Fort Sumter, Rosecrans would offer his services to Governor William Dennison, of Ohio. He would be assigned aide-de-camp to US Major General George B. McClellan before briefly commanding the 23d Ohio Infantry. Rosecrans was instrumental in the earliest victories of the Civil War at Rich Mountain and Corrick’s Ford. He would be promoted brigadier general in May 1861 and would eventually take over command of the Department of Western Virginia. In May 1862, Rosecrans was sent west and would command two divisions of Major General John Pope’s Army of the Mississippi. He would take over command of the army in June and would lead it during the Iuka-Corinth Campaign. While victorious in this campaign, department commander, US Major General Ulysses S Grant was critical of his lack of pursuit of the Confederate forces. In October 1862, Rosecrans would be given command of the XIV Corps which would be designated the Army of the Cumberland. He would command this army to victory at the sanguinary Battle of Stones River from December 31, 1862 – January 2, 1863. (For more on the Stones River, check out my blog article: Rosecrans would remain in command of the Army of the Cumberland through the Tullahoma Campaign of 1863 and the Battle of Chickamauga. At Chickamauga, in September 1863, Rosecrans’ army would be badly mauled by CSA General Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee and would be forced back to Chattanooga. (For more information on the Battle of Chickamauga, check out my blog article: Once in Chattanooga the Army of the Cumberland would find itself under siege. Rosecrans would be relieved of command of the Army of Cumberland through October 1863 when Ulysses S. Grant removed him from command. Rosecrans would be sent west and placed in command the Department of Missouri. He would retire from the U.S. Army as a brigadier general in the Regular Army and major general of volunteers. Rosecrans died at Redondo Beach, California on March 11, 1898.

GPS coordinates: 38.87375; -77.07122

Photo by: Michael Noirot

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