Aseem Trivedi :: Cartoons Against Corruption 101 Aseem Trivedi Cartoons Cartoons Against Corruption Cartoons Against Corruption is a cartoon based campaign by political cartoonist Aseem Trivedi to support anti corruption movement in India, best known for sharp hard hitting anti corruption cartoons. Crime Branch, Mumbai banned the website of Cartoons Against Corruption during the hunger strike of Anna Hazare in December 2011. Ban on the website On the very first day of the hunger strike, Crime Branch (Mumbai) ordered BigRock, the host of to block the cartoon website and the website was suspended with in 24 hours. The cartoonist was not even served a prior notice either by Crime Branch or by the website hosting company. Debate in the Parliament These anti corruption cartoons also provoked an MP, Ram Kripal Yadav, to initiate a discussion in the Rajya Sabha, labeling the cartoons as an “insult to the Indian Parliament.” RJD MP Ram Kripal Yadav raised the issue in the upper house of the Parliament on the same day, when Rajniti Prasad, another MP of his own party, tore the Lokpal Bill copy in the same house. Protests against the ban Supporters of the artist’s right to freedom of expressions continue to issue harsh critiques against Mumbai Police and the domain holder, Big Rock, for taking down the website without giving Trivedi any chance to defend himself or contest the ban. Arvind Gaur, a core member of India Against Corruption raised his voice
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