Based on Virginia, who’s more out of touch, Obama or McCain?

Question by Dana1981: Based on Virginia, who’s more out of touch, Obama or McCain?
Obama is visiting Lebanon, Virginia today.

Many in economically distressed rural southwest Virginia earn a living mining coal or farming. But Lebanon’s success at attracting high-tech industry has landed it in the Democrats’ campaign spotlight.

Warner, who is running for Senate, carried the rural area for the Democrats when he ran for governor in 2001. And Warner persuaded CGI and Northrop Grumman Inc. in 2005 to locate in the coal-mining region.

The two companies moved to the region as a less expensive way to do business without sending jobs overseas. Amid the rolling farmland, Northrop Grumman operates a call center and backup data center for Virginia’s state government across from Canada’s CGI Group center, which employs software developers, analysts and consultants.

Former state Attorney General Jerry Kilgore, co-chairman of Republican John McCain’s campaign in Virginia, said Obama is “out of touch” with the region. McCain is more committed to having coal as part of the nation’s energy future than Obama, he said.;_ylt=AsQ6UKNo5ybAc7s6TQ9C91hh24cA

Obama is focusing on the attraction of high-tech industry to the region.

The McCain campaign’s co-chairman claims Obama is out of touch with Virginia because McCain wants to use more coal power plants in the future.

Who do you think is more out of touch, and why?

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Answer by Charles V
High tech is the wave of the future… McCain is way out of touch.

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