Birthplace of Hampden-Sydney College

Birthplace of Hampden-Sydney College
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A vernacular wood frame building with a slate-clad gable roof, the structure is called "The Cradle". It has an exterior brick chimney at the end; the windows are double-hung sash, 9/9. The foundation is brick; and steps and a small entry porch led into the colonial law office(although I don’t know if these are original features) .

The sign outside reads as follows: "In 1775, the Session of Hanover Presbytery met in this building, the law office of Nathaniel Venable, to lay final plans for the establishment of Hampden-Sydney College. The building was erected between 1737 and 1756 on Venable’s Plantation “Slate Hill”, located 3 miles southeast of this site. It was moved to the campus in 1944."

The college has been in contiuous operation since November 10, 1775. This was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 as part of the Hampden-Sydney College Historic District. #70000822

The Virginia Deprtment of Historic Resources ID: 073-0058, structure 73-58-14

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