Between his first and second bursts of gunfire, the Virginia Tech gunman mailed a package to the New York headquarters of US radio and TV network NBC (National Broadcasting Company), containing photos of him brandishing guns and a video of him delivering an angry, profanity-laced tirade. NBC said the package, received in Wednesday morning’s mail, contained an 1800-word diatribe and 29 photos, 11 of them showing him aiming handguns at the camera. Much of his rant is incoherent and laced with profanity, and he rails against hedonism and Christianity, NBC said. Some of the pictures showed him smiling. Some showed him brandishing two weapons at a time, one in each hand. Another showed him swinging a hammer two-fisted. The package was sent by overnight delivery but did not arrive at NBC until Wednesday’s mail. It had apparently been delayed because it had the wrong ZIP code, NBC said. It was not confirmed when and where the video and photographs were were recorded and taken. Ebru News / AP 04/19/2007
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