can i get into uc berkeley?

Question by : can i get into uc berkeley?
i am a junior right now from virginia. and im white
trying to get in for engineering
gpa unweighted: 3.7
gpa weighed: 4.1
class rank: school does not rank.
sat: 2050
All classes taken in high school were honors or ap except 1
AP: will take 7

varsity golf team 4 years
team 2nd in state junior year
individually 6th at AAA state tournament junior year.
tournament victories on plantations tour.

2 year track team member

internship 2 summers at oakland goodwill(my aunt is high up there)

4 year participant in “the hypothermia project”, getting homeless people off the streets in the winter

vice president of the history honor society, physics club
member of nhs, spanish honor society

software developer for 2 years. learned/learning 7 languages on own.
2 apps on iphone app store.
golf applications developed for both windows and mac.
java applet developed for online use
will be taking it seminar senior year. hopefully i can get an internship
really like uc berkeley for its computer science program.

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Answer by Ms. Sun
Berkeley favors students with a rigorous HS curriculum (high number of a-g and UC-approved honors/AP/IB/CC courses), excellent weighted and unweighted GPA, and demonstrated leadership potential. You are also compared to your peers, meaning your academic and extracurricular achievements are viewed in context of students in your HS.

Berkeley is general achievement oriented (academic or extracurricular), meaning admissions is willing to overlook bad grades/test scores when excellent extracurriculars and/or extraordinary hardships are in the equation. Berkeley is especially interested in students who will take advantage of what Berkeley has to offer and become the agent of social change.

Berkeley does favor in-state applicants, altho the budget cut may force admissions to consider more out-of-state applicants. Race/ethnicity is not considered for admission evaluation (Prop 209 made it illegal).

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