Can i get into UVA,VT, University of Arizona?

Question by : Can i get into UVA,VT, University of Arizona?
I currently am a junior at a small high school in Virginia, have a 3.5 unweighted gpa..3 .75 the time I apply I will have about a 3.8 weighted and 3.6 unweighted. I am in 5 AP classes including AP Physics, I did not do well on my SAT the first time but I plan to really start studying after AP tests wrap freshman and sophomore years I really messed up and only had a 3.4 but I have 6 A’s and 1 B this year so does that play in? I have an internship at NASA and have written ForTran code for a nationally recognized flowfield analysis software, I am in Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars and I have an internship for a VA general assembly delegate. I have 8 varsity letters and the list goes on and i have a legitimate shot at getting into the engineering or physics programs at UVA, VT, Arizona, South Carolina or UPenn? What should i strive to get my SAT up to, and what classes/extracurricular things should I be doing? Or what other schools would better fit me?

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Answer by Nathan S
My brother is majoring in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech he only had a 3.4 gpa, but his SAT scores were around 2000 plus he was out of state. So I would say aim for 1900 to get into Va Tech maybe even lower. Aerospace Engineering is a hard major! So make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, but you sound like you’re quite an intelligent kid so I think you’ll be fine!

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