Can I Get Into Western Virginia University (WVU)?

Question by Rick Raws: Can I Get Into Western Virginia University (WVU)?
Ok so i am out of state and my gpa is a 2.1 unweighted, i got 1550 on my SAT’s (1060 Crit. Read + Math) but i am retaking the SATs and gonna probably raise my score by at least 100 because ive been getting tutoring. I also am a minority that i will not reveal but there arent many of us in the US which i saw WVU is an affirmitive action / equal rights school or w/e so can i get in with that pull?
to note my gpa is from the first 3 yrs of HS

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Answer by Kyla Babyy
well first of all you need to go to to get all your academic information, then you can research things such as your minorities and others.

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