Can you rate this colleges?

Question by Lily Kate: Can you rate this colleges?
You will probably not know of all of them, but put any good or bad things about them if you do. Just tell me what you know/ what you have heard or experienced! You could also list which states you think who be the best place to live. (Or the worst) Thanks!

Amherst College (Massachusetts)
Bates College (Maine)
Bowdoin College (Maine)
Colby College (Maine)
College of William and Mary (Virginia)
Hamilton College (New York)
Maryville College (Tennesee)
Samford University (Alabama)
Union College (Kentucky)
University of the South- Sewanee (Tennessee)
Washington and Jefferson College (Pennsylvania)
No, I should not think about applying to more well known colleges. These are small liberal arts colleges. This type of school is the best fit for me. Choosing a college is not about how well known it is. If I were unintelligent and only cared about the social aspect of college, then I might look into more well known colleges.
Also, I know that all of these colleges are very good. I want more of a review as far as experience goes. All of these schools are hard to get into and fairly expensive, so I want reviews on them.

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Answer by thatdude
I’ve never heard of any of these. You should think about applying to more well known schools.

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