Can you recommend a good satellite internet provider in Virginia?

Question by Luna: Can you recommend a good satellite internet provider in Virginia?
Since moving to the wonderful world of hickville, we’d been stuck with dial-up internet. A year or so back my parent checked out Wildblue and Hughsnet, and we decided to go with Wildblue. Everything was great at first and while the internet isn’t “blazing fast” it works a bit better than what we had before. Downloads are SO unbelievably annoying, especially with the constant need to update software such as Avast, Sims 3, and iTunes/iTouch software.

I do believe we’ve had Wildblue for almost 2 years so our contract will be up. I know internet satellite in general just sucks, but there’s no way we can get internet such as Comcast or Verizon FIOS.

Soooo the big question is, is there any satellite internet providers that people have actually liked, or have read good reviews about?

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Answer by Lawrence
Well, some of the internet providers aren’t always legit at times. Sometimes when downloads are slow, it may be because of your computers RAM, or memory space to have a better speed timing. If you’d want, you can buy a wireless connector for your house, maybe from Best buy, if you are willing to pay. That is what i personally use as well. You can also buy memory cards and hard drives for a decent amount of money. $ 50-$ 250. If you believe you’d wish to stay with satellite internet providers, i found a website for you that you may be interested in my sources… Hope I helped.

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