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Solar Power Virginia

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What’s a cheap way to start LLC in Virginia?

Question by daddy8ball: What’s a cheap way to start LLC in Virginia?
I want to start a LLC for as little cost as possible. Legal Zoom wants $ 600! Is there a cheaper way/web site?


Best answer:

Answer by mainecpa
Why do you think you need to organize an LLC? Do you understand the difference between an LLC, an S corporation and a sole proprietor?

There are both legal and tax ramification to all these organizational structures.

I just googled “compare llc and s corp” and this is a good summary

You should be able to find a local lawyer who will charge no more than $ 600. That is a reasonable price. With a local person, you have an available resource for other issues. Legal Zoom will not answer your questions a month from now, I’ll bet.

If you fail to maintain the formal details of your LLC, (On a year-to-year basis) you run the risk of someone “Piercing the corporate veil” (google it) which makes the corporate structure null and void and eliminates the liability protection.

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