TEDxPennQuarter 2011 – Vijay Ravindran – Reinventing The Newspaper

Vijay Ravindran joined The Washington Post Company as senior vice president and chief digital officer in February 2009. In his role, Ravindran focuses on digital news product development. Ravindran founded and leads WaPo Labs, which develops experimental news products, including the personalized news aggregation site Trove. Ravindran also serves in various leadership roles at SocialCode (the leading Facebook-dedicated advertising agency), The Washington Post’s online initiatives, Slate, Avenue100 Solutions (a leading analytics-based performance marketing company), and Ongo (a Company investment). Previously, as chief technology officer of Catalist LLC, a start-up political technology company that built a national voter database and data mining tools for political campaigns, Ravindran led all the technology aspects of developing the company’s software products. He joined Catalist at its inception in late 2005. During the 2008 election cycle, Catalist clients included the Obama for America and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns. Prior to Catalist, Ravindran was a technology director at Amazon.com. From 2003 to 2005, he led the ordering services group; the department was responsible for consumer purchasing on all Amazon properties. This included the product development and operations for “Shopping Cart,” “Checkout,” “1-Click” and “Your Account,” as well as the initial creation and management of “Amazon Prime.” From 2001 to 2003, he built and led the teams that owned the
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Slave trader ledger p.31

Slave trader ledger p.31
Virginia Software
Image by Special Collections at Wofford College
Title: Slave trader ledger of William James Smith
Date Original: 1844-1854
Description: This
ledger meticulously details the prices paid and received for African-American
slaves, as well as the expenses incurred by Smith in undertaking this business
venture, such as feeding, clothing, sheltering, and nursing the people he had
purchased. The details of the book illustrate that Smith took several "trips"
between 1844 and 1854 to buy and sell slaves — detailed records of purchases
and sales of "Negroes" exist for all of the years between 1844 and 1854. The
listing of expenses for the year of 1844 (the most complete account) indicate
that that year Smith traveled from the Piedmont to Charleston, then to Richmond,
Virginia and other towns and cities in central Virginia such as Charlottesville,
Madison, Orange, Gordonsville, and Fredericksburg. The expense records indicate
that Smith returned to the Piedmont via an overland route that passed through
Lincolnton, North Carolina (between Charlotte and Hickory). That year he undertook
business as far south as Hamburg, South Carolina (near Augusta, Georgia).

Creator: Smith, William James
Subject(s): Smith, William James
Slaves–United States–History–19th century–Sources.
Slave-trade–America–History–19th century.
Alternative Title:
Publisher: Wofford College
Date Digital: 2009-09
Type: Text
Format [medium]: Manuscript
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an Epson 15000 Photo scanner with Epson Scan software; Archival master is a
TIFF; Original converted to JPEG with Irfan View software.
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Source: The original from which this digital representation
is taken is housed in Special Collections at Wofford College,
located in the Sandor Teszler Library.
Language:En-us English
Relation [is part of]:Special Collections
Rights Management: This digital representation has been
licensed under an Attribution
– Noncommercial- No Derivatives Creative Commons license

Contributing Institution: Wofford College
Web Site: www.wofford.edu/library/littlejohn-home.aspx

Guide to Access 2000 Programming with CDROM (Peter Norton (Sams))

Guide to Access 2000 Programming with CDROM (Peter Norton (Sams))

Peter Norton’s Guide to Access 2000 Programming provides a bridge between Access 2000 as an efficient front-end development tool and the intricate world of Visual Basic programming. It is intended to offer the necessary tools for managing information in all levels of business from large offices to entrepreneurs and consultants. Not only does this book address Access 2000 programming in a clear style full of illustrations and examples, it also presents four case studies of complete database applications development. Each case relates to a different use for databases ranging from a straightforward data storage and retrieval system to a complex decision support system with dynamic Web pages.

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 3.38

How to Draw & Paint a Portrait (Hayley Williams of Paramore) using Corel Painter & Wacom tablet

This is a digital portrait tutorial I created of Hayley Williams of Paramore, using Corel Painter software and a Wacom pen tablet. I used reference to create her likeness but added my own art style for her fiery-red hair and kept the background simple. In this tutorial, I go through the steps of how I create a digital portrait using a few of the many powerful brushes found in Corel Painter. *Note: I use one layer to paint my portraits just like in traditional art. This is especially necessary when working with certain brushes such as the digital watercolors or tinting brushes, which create undesired effects if painted on a new transparent layer. Painting on one layer also helps in honing my painting skills and forces me to commit & make corrections in my paintings which in turn creates a learning experience every time. Drawing Book – Drawing Basics & Fundamentals www.lulu.com ****************************** Tools used: Corel Painter 11; Wacom Intuos 3. Song: “Portrait Melody 3” by Juan Solorzano with Acid Music Studio 8. Sketch2Draw (My Drawing Website): www.sketch2draw.com My Website: www.jsolorzanoarts.com
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can i get into uc berkeley?

Question by : can i get into uc berkeley?
i am a junior right now from virginia. and im white
trying to get in for engineering
gpa unweighted: 3.7
gpa weighed: 4.1
class rank: school does not rank.
sat: 2050
All classes taken in high school were honors or ap except 1
AP: will take 7

varsity golf team 4 years
team 2nd in state junior year
individually 6th at AAA state tournament junior year.
tournament victories on plantations tour.

2 year track team member

internship 2 summers at oakland goodwill(my aunt is high up there)

4 year participant in “the hypothermia project”, getting homeless people off the streets in the winter

vice president of the history honor society, physics club
member of nhs, spanish honor society

software developer for 2 years. learned/learning 7 languages on own.
2 apps on iphone app store.
golf applications developed for both windows and mac.
java applet developed for online use
will be taking it seminar senior year. hopefully i can get an internship
really like uc berkeley for its computer science program.

Best answer:

Answer by Ms. Sun
Berkeley favors students with a rigorous HS curriculum (high number of a-g and UC-approved honors/AP/IB/CC courses), excellent weighted and unweighted GPA, and demonstrated leadership potential. You are also compared to your peers, meaning your academic and extracurricular achievements are viewed in context of students in your HS.

Berkeley is general achievement oriented (academic or extracurricular), meaning admissions is willing to overlook bad grades/test scores when excellent extracurriculars and/or extraordinary hardships are in the equation. Berkeley is especially interested in students who will take advantage of what Berkeley has to offer and become the agent of social change.

Berkeley does favor in-state applicants, altho the budget cut may force admissions to consider more out-of-state applicants. Race/ethnicity is not considered for admission evaluation (Prop 209 made it illegal).

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Rosetta Stone v3 – Japanese

Rosetta Stone (NYSE: RST) is proprietary language-learning software produced by Rosetta Stone, Ltd. Its title and its logo is a reference to the Rosetta Stone, an artifact inscribed in multiple languages that helped Jean-François Champollion to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone software utilizes a combination of images, text, and sound, with difficulty levels increasing as the student progresses, in order to teach various vocabulary terms and grammatical functions intuitively, without drills or translation. They call this the “Dynamic Immersion method”. The goal is to teach languages the way first languages are learned. According to the company, Mr. Allen Stoltzfus had learned German through immersion while living in Germany, and found it relatively easy. In the 1980s, Stoltzfus began learning Russian in a classroom setting, but discovered it to be much more difficult. He wanted to simulate the German experience, and he decided to use computing technology to create a similar learning experience. He enlisted the aid of his brother-in-law, Dr. John Fairfield, who held a PhD. in computer science. By 1992, CD-ROM technology made the project possible and they formed a company known as Fairfield Language Technologies in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Allen and John brought on Eugene Stoltzfus, Allen’s brother, as company President and CEO, and released their software product under the name Rosetta Stone. In 2003, the company came under new leadership with the
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UK or US university- where should I go ?? Pros n Cons of both the countries’ education?

Question by : UK or US university- where should I go ?? Pros n Cons of both the countries’ education?
I am from India & have been accepted at some UK unis & some US ones.

US- Penn State U Park , Purdue , Virginia Tech.
UK- Nottingham, Leeds, Uni of Manchester(not Metropolitan), Bristol.

All are for engineering with Manchester being in Software engineering.

Which country would suit my interests the best. Besides is the cliche of UK being inferior to US in engg. & tech any true?

Is UK worth spending around 100K of pounds sterling? Is uni of manchester something special.

See I have had mixed opinion about UNI OF MANCHESTER with some saying its pretty selective, snooty, academic while others say its more of a party school & not as good as Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Nottgm etc.

Further its consistantly ranked amid top 30 unis by THES & top 40 by ARWU however its at 28th in UK by sunday, guardian while RAE ranks it at 6 in UK & 8 in Europe.

Further, at Penn StateU I would be far from elite unis or the top 20 stuff in US while with MANCHESTER it is top 30 in th world & with just Oxbridge, Imperial, UCL above & at par with edinburgh & moreover its been on a consistent rise in world rankings. ITs engg. is ranked 35 in the world.

So where should I go, given the transfer option is available in US so whats the max I can reach out for from Penn State in the sophomore year.

Best answer:

Answer by JesusLOVESYou2ツ
US. Cause US has Great and well-known universities 🙂

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I want to get my master’s degree in IT at an online school? What school and/or program, do you suggest?

Question by k_mac73: I want to get my master’s degree in IT at an online school? What school and/or program, do you suggest?
Hi…I have a B.A. in Psychology that I attained from Oral Roberts University in 2003. I have been working in the field of social services for the last 6 years. I do not want to further my education in anything related to social services (i.e. counseling, therapist, etc). I would like to pursue a Master’s in something under the umbrella of IT. I also am looking to go online for school as I work full time and I just don’t want to have to go to a traditional school if I don’t have to. I have done a semester online at ITT Tech a couple of years ago and enjoyed the online experience. I was working on an Associate’s in Computer Forensics. I actually am highly fascinated with this field so I would like to pursue it at the graduate level.

In the master’s arena, it is not usually called Computer Forensics however. I also am interested in learning how to program different applications on the computer. What program would encompass computer security AND computer programming (software engineering)?

I have been debating between a few online colleges: (1)Kaplan (which has a Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and Assurance). (2)University of Phoenix has a Master of Information Systems. This one is kind of broad but does have courses in information security and computer programming. (3) Virginia College has a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. This one is very specific and no computer programming courses. (4) Keller Graduate School of Management has a Master of Information Systems Management with a concentration in Information Security. Lastly, (5) AIU has a Master of Information Technology with a concentration in Internet security. Now, these are just the colleges that I have researched and I have spoken with the academic advisors and am considering attending (I’ve actually researched a few more but for whatever reason, I eliminated them).

Out of the 5 online schools that I mentioned, are there any that you would personally not consider and why?? I have heard good stories and I have heard horror stories. All 5 of the schools I mentioned are accredited. Can you offer any other colleges or programs for that matter that may be a better fit that I can look into based off of the information that I have given you about myself??

I know I’ve written a lot of information. I just feel like the academic advisors at these specific schools are biased and I would love an unbiased point of view Also, let me add this one last thing as a sidenote, I used to work with therapists as the case worker for sexually abused children. Our agency worked alongside the police department, sheriff’s department, district attorney’s office, etc., etc. This is when I really became involved in computer forensics, because I would love to know how to go into a suspect’s computer and recover lost data that they think they erased (i.e. a pedophile with child pornography) and that is what the degree should provide for me. And as I said earlier, I would also like to know how to actually program applications or software on the computer that can be used in that field or even in other unrelated fields. Please help…I am trying to make a decision by the end of the year with hopes of starting school in early 2010. I know I’ve said a lot and have written a book but this is actually the narrowed down version since I first started this process….

Thank you for your input…”

Best answer:

Answer by PE2008
All of the schools you mention are worthless. Their degrees are worthless. You will be laughed-at if you try to get a job with one of these degrees.

It’s hard to advise you. You clearly are romantically involved with this bogus concept of “cyber IT” and you’re not going to be talked out of it.

If you were to do it right, you would get a flexible Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology.

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