Indian Warfare in Western Pennsylvania and North West Virginia At The Time of The American Revolution: Including the Narrative of Indian and Tory Depredations … Henry Jolly, and The Narrative of Lydi

Indian Warfare in Western Pennsylvania and North West Virginia At The Time of The American Revolution: Including the Narrative of Indian and Tory Depredations … Henry Jolly, and The Narrative of Lydi

List Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 19.50

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Lassie – The Painted Hills

Lassie – The Painted Hills

Platform:  DVD MOVIE Publisher:  ALPHA VIDEO Packaging:  DVD STYLE BOX Lassie stars as Shep a loyal dog who seeks to avenge the death of his murdered master in the wild hills of the American frontier. When prospector Jonathan Harvey strikes gold he takes on Lin Taylor as his business partner returning to the hills to mine the claim. As their haul increases so does Lin’s greed. He turns to desperate measures pushing Jonathan off of a cliff. Although Lin thinks his crime has gone undetected there is a lone witness to the murder – Jonathan’s faithful dog Shep. Notable for it’s impressive shots of scenic landscape The Painted Hills is the seventh in the MGM Lassie series. Starring: Lassie Paul Kelly & Bruce CowlingDirected by: Harold KessScreenplay by: True Boardman DVD Details: Run Time: 68 minutesNumber of Discs: 1Originally Released in 1950ColorNo region encoding; For global distribution.

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

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Price: $ 1.80

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Coconuts by Matisse Women’s Virginia Tall Boot,Gunmetal,6 M US Reviews

Coconuts by Matisse Women’s Virginia Tall Boot,Gunmetal,6 M US

  • – NO SALES TAX except CA, TN, MO!

Elegant sophistication combines with rugged appeal in these beautifully-crafted Coconuts Virginia riding boots. Microsuede upper in a knee-high casual riding boot style with a round toe and contouring sock-line trim. A lightly distressed, crinkled finish adds rustic detail at the shaft. A scalloped riding-style collar features a smooth microsuede pull strap and polished metal button accent. Smooth lining and cushioning insole, traction outsole. 1 inch square heel.

List Price: $ 100.95

Price: $ 40.38

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SASS Hat Sidesaddle Hat Victorian Riding Hat Victorian Tea Hat New Design by Darna Victorian Hat “Spirit of “Virginia City”

SASS Hat Sidesaddle Hat Victorian Riding Hat Victorian Tea Hat New Design by Darna Victorian Hat “Spirit of “Virginia City”

  • Victorian hat style perfect for any occasion!
  • Kentucky Derby Hat
  • Riding Hat
  • Red Society Hat
  • Society Tea Hat

Edwardian and Victorian Hats designed by Darna’s East Angel Harbor Hat Shoppe are influenced by the Victorian and Edwardian Eras and I embrace the finery of these eras to design my re-creations. I’m dedicated to designing Victorian and Edwardian hats and accessories that have both an element of realism combined with imagination; my hat designs transcends time and I truly want to enchant you and assist you on your journey to somewhere in time!

Miss Spirit of Virginia City is designed over a gorgeous brand new Made in the USA pink wool hat base that has been licensed by the Red Hat Society. The edge of the brim is accented with French style pink heart beads and deep pink gimp. The hat band is baby pink silk. There’s three beautiful and dainty light pink roses backed by velvet leaves and lots of gorgeous fluffy pink ostrich plumes billowing over the top of the crown(pink feathers may vary from light to medium pink as they’re hand dyed and each dye lot turns out slightly different). There’s a beautiful baby pink silk bow in the back. This hat is a real eye-catcher and I’m sure you’ll love wearing!

Price: $ 209.00

Western Union [VHS] Reviews

Western Union [VHS]

Western Union is nominally one of those epic celebrations of great pioneer achievements, and its official heroes are an Eastern-bred, Harvard-trained engineer named Blake (Robert Young) and a visionary named Creighton (Dean Jagger), who dreams of a transcontinental telegraph system to unite a divided nation in the first year of the Civil War. But the film really belongs to Randolph Scott’s Vance Shaw, a reformed outlaw trying to make good as a member of the team stringing “the singing wire” across the plains. His past–which Creighton knows something of–keeps reaching out for him, so that the brightly colored fable of westward progress is almost eclipsed by the darker, personal drama of embattled character and divided loyalties.

Although this theme faintly recalls director Fritz Lang’s towering 1937 fable of injustice, You Only Live Once, we shouldn’t make too much of the affinity. Western Union was merely a studio assignment, and Lang–a passionate explorer and student of the American West–mostly concentrated on serving up lashings of period detail and atmosphere and devising spectacular set pieces. The latter include a mini-götterdämmerung of a forest fire, two strikingly composed encounters with Indians, and a climactic barbershop shootout that’s studded with Lang “touches.” The scenery is magnificent (albeit a mite mountainous for Nebraska!), the Technicolor blazes as Technicolor should, and the costuming and art direction are so evocative that the German émigré proudly received a commendation from an old timers’ association praising the accuracy of his frontier re-creation. –Richard T. Jameson

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.98

Price: $ 45.40

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Virginia Western Community College Diploma Frame

Virginia Western Community College Diploma Frame

Burl finish diploma frame from the Larson-Juhl Vienna Collection of fine woods. Approximate outer dimensions are 21 x 21 inches, but will vary based on your diploma size and orientation. Image is for illustration only. Double matted with conservation grade Crescent carbon black UltraSuede mat over Crescent gold mat. Both mats are acid and lignin free to ensure preservation of your document. A recessed, bevel-cut opening in the mat displays the embossed school name in gold. Exceeds U.S. Library of Congress standards for document preservation. Environmentally conscious construction and packaging. Your purchase helps support the Global ReLeaf Forest Foundation. Acid-free fasteners are included with every frame along with simple instructions for inserting your diploma. No tools are required. Hand made in Austin, Texas by experienced custom picture framers. Wordyisms is a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association. Shatter resistant Acrylite acrylic is safer and lighter than glass. It filters 65% of UV rays (which can cause documents to fade) while comparable glass filters only 45%. An upgrade to 98% UV filtering OP-3 acrylic is available for hanging in brightly lit areas. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


031 – Alias Mary Smithers with Virginia Mayo – 1947-03-09

Price: $ 0.89

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Errol Flynn Westerns Collection (Montana / Rocky Mountain / San Antonio / Virginia City)

Errol Flynn Westerns Collection (Montana / Rocky Mountain / San Antonio / Virginia City)

Genre: Westerns
Rating: NR
Release Date: 26-AUG-2008
Media Type: DVDErrol Flynn is primarily recognized for his swashbuckling roles, but let’s adjust that. As Frank Thompson notes in his characteristically droll and well-informed commentary on Virginia City, Flynn was born to star in period pictures, and that included Westerns. This son of Tasmania slipped into Stetson and six-gun mode without strain, and without having to conceal his somewhere-in-the-British-Empire accent. Which is only fair: the director of his first three Wild West outings was the Hungarian-born, English-language-mauling Michael Curtiz. Not to beat about the sagebrush, the best of Flynn’s Westerns–the Curtiz-directed Dodge City (1939) and Santa Fe Trail (1940), plus Raoul Walsh’s They Died With Their Boots On (1942)–are not included in this set. Of the four films that are, Curtiz’s Virginia City (1940) is much the liveliest, and certainly the most handsome. Set in the closing months of the Civil War, it’s about Confederate loyalists making one last effort to stave off defeat on the battlefields back East by transporting five million dollars in gold from the Nevada mining town of the title. Union spy Flynn spars with Rebel counterpart Randolph Scott, as both also vie for the love of saloon songstress and gold-plot mastermind Miriam Hopkins. Warner Bros. hoped to replicate the Dodge City hit formula, even recycling the same town set (albeit in black and white instead of Technicolor) and re-teaming cinematographer Sol Polito (who was better at black and white anyway), screenwriter Robert Buckner (strewing illogic and coincidence with abandon), and composer Max Steiner, as well as Flynn sidekicks Alan Hale and Guinn “Big Boy” Williams. But who thought of (mis)casting Humphrey Bogart as a Mexican bandito–possibly the nadir of Bogie’s life as a contract player? On the upside, extensive location shooting around Flagstaff, Arizona, gave Virginia City by far the most striking scenery of any Flynn Western.

Flynn spent the WWII years concentrating on war-related films, but 1945 found him saddling up again for San Antonio (or did it?–he’s clearly doubled in horseback longshots). He plays a Texas rancher turned de facto outlaw by virtue of losing his land in a cattle war and being driven into Mexican exile. Never fear, he’s soon finessed his way back across the border and set about undermining those who wronged him and his friends. San Antonio was Flynn’s fifth Western but only the second in Technicolor–bright, bold color, and lots of it. Truth to tell, it’s a bit of a mishmash, with so much skulking around upstairs, downstairs, and backstage at chief villain Paul Kelly’s Bella Union music-hall saloon that it begins to resemble Feydeau farce. The script is credited to Alan Le May (The Searchers) and W.R. Burnett, and the direction to David Butler–though Raoul Walsh is known to have lent a hand (surely “Get that drunken cat off the bar” is a Walsh touch). Leading lady Alexis Smith sings a few songs and her brassy red hair is grand for Technicolor, but her romance with Flynn is a pale shadow of their delightful pairing three years earlier in Gentleman Jim. Warner Home Video has yet to release Walsh’s Silver River (1948), the last Flynn Western to boast grade-A production values and co-stars, so that leaves two virtual B movies from 1950 to round out the set. In the 76-minute Montana, an Australian sheepman ventures into Big Sky country, “where cattle was king,” and overcomes years of bloody resistance to the idea that sheep and cattle can coexist not only peacefully but profitably. Alexis Smith, who had earned her first billing opposite Flynn in 1941’s Dive Bomber and is paired with him for the last time here, inveigles him into a frontier duet.

The somewhat better Rocky Mountain (83 minutes) borrows a leaf from Virginia City to propose another Confederate adventure in the West, an Army patrol attempting to join with Rebel sympathizers in California and foment an armed uprising. The mission gets sidetracked at Ghost Mountain, where the presence of hostile Shoshone Indians urges Rebs and Yankee cavalry to make common cause. Flynn plays it low-key throughout, as though his character, a man of honor in a world that scarcely recalls the notion, had already accepted the lostness of his cause. Each member of Flynn’s small command has enough of a backstory to sit around and philosophize about–a narrative tactic anticipating how 90 percent of screentime in the coming decade of Westerns on TV would be filled. William Keighley (who would direct Flynn’s last Warner film, The Master of Ballantrae, in 1953) breaks things up as best he can with the multi-tiered rockscape setting. Incidentally, Flynn’s leading lady this time is his third and final wife, Patrice Wymore, cast as a Union officer’s fiancée whose stagecoach gets ambushed nearby. Each of the films rates its own disc, with accompanying “Warner Night at the Movies” shorts and trailers from the season when the movie was released. Only two boast a commentary, and of these, only the one on Virginia City is worth the listen. Visual and technical quality is excellent overall. –Richard T. Jameson

Rating: (out of 23 reviews)

List Price: $ 49.98

Price: $ 36.33

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Western Europe (Multi Country Guide)

Western Europe (Multi Country Guide)

  • ISBN13: 9781741049176
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Lonely Planet has been exploring every corner of Western Europe for almost 20 years. Our 9th edition will help you find the best on offer in this region of food, wine, culture and landscapes – whether exploring the steep streets and enticing boutiques of Lisbon, getting your adrenalin pumping in Interlaken or relaxing with a pint in Killarney.

Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip.

In This Guide:

Full color chapter with expert tips on the best food, landscapes and culture
5 Inspiring itineraries, including a tour of Europe’s hidden gems
Travel arrangements made easy with transport planners in every chapter

Rating: (out of 16 reviews)

List Price: $ 28.99

Price: $ 17.50

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