companies that buy your home fast??

Question by h: companies that buy your home fast??
im hoping to sell a home quick but do you think websites like below can help me? what’s the deal…? – worrying

We Buy Houses Washington DC- Virginia – Maryland – Florida – Colorado

Looking For a Fast and Hassle-Free Way to Sell Your House?
Then Look No Further…You Are in The Right Place.
At Express Homebuyers, we cater to people who need to sell their homes in a quick, convenient and risk-free way that’s safer than the average for sale by owner transaction. Since the company’s founding, Express Homebuyers has established a strong presence in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland markets as a professional solution if you’re looking to sell your house fast.
no no i’m not tryin to advertise their web. im really desperate of selling 2 homes in va/ md. u can see from my q&a with other inquiries. i need to learn about companies that will sell but not sure what the hidden deal is.. pros/cons
can they also do short sale if pymt is behind… and make deal with my banks, then try buying cheap…?
oh and if they want power of attorny, what’s the deal? will i be doomed

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Answer by SG Elite
Speak with them and get more details. Remember, selling a home quick may mean you may not get good pricing.

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