Cool Network Advertising images

A few nice Network advertising images I found:

Personal Branding: Revision 2 / 20080115.10D.47550 / SML
Network advertising
Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
SML Pro Blog: Personal Branding

What better way to brand yourself than sticking your logo on your skin?

Revision 2
Instead adding a lot of noise of URLs and words, I thought that a logo is probably enough. And with motion it becomes fun.

I wonder if a white background would be better, because the body is not shown very well here. Perhaps gray light.

Strobist Info
Light source: Panasonic AX100 projector hooked onto computer screen.

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VH1 Network Identification 1985
Network advertising
Image by Fred Seibert
VH-1 logo designed by George Lois & Dale Pon, LPG/Pon advertising agency, NY, NY, USA

Animated by Buzzco

Jeremy Wright from b5media
Network advertising
Image by Matthew Burpee
"The future of blog networks and online advertising"

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