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A few nice Network advertising images I found:

Network advertising
Image by Gaia ❥
This logo and web banner were designed for a client, Johnny Ghiardie, who is creating the website:

Av To Av is a virtual world networking site; a place where you can twitt, poke, upload songs & videos, and so on.

Social Media Session at ad:tech Chicago
Network advertising
Image by Somewhat Frank
Social Media: The Dynamics of the Genre and The Opportunities for Marketers
During the past 2 years, a new generation of tens of millions of consumers has started living, playing, and buying online in new ways not feasible even a few years earlier. Enabled by tools known as blogs, online social networks and Web 2.0 technologies, social media is the fastest-growing consumer marketing arena in the world. Listen to pundits discuss how these new sites are monetizing this audience and what marketers can do to engage.

David Carlick, Managing Director, Vantage Point Venture Partners

Ted McConnell, Interactive Innovation Director, Procter & Gamble
Amy Gibby, President,
Kris Oser, Director of Strategic Communications, eMarketer
Shawn Gold, Senior VP, Marketing and Content,

The Industry Standard Page 15
Network advertising
Image by Matt McAlister
"Softbank sells stake in web ad network" by Rick Bruner

The Industry Standard covered media and the advertising market in great depth. It was also good at tracking the investments happening around the industry.

This story begins to ask what Softbank is doing with its investments and who are these companies who’s leaders don’t even use computers.

"TechNet still seeking route to Beltway success" by Rebecca Vesely

This includes the first of two pages on the TechNet story, the so far unsuccessful attempt of Silicon Valley to influence political policy:

"TechNet plans to expand membership and events to the high-tech corridors of Texas, Washington, Virginia and Massachusetts. But whether it will be able to expand with an annual budget of million and a staff of 11 remains to be seen."

The issue of technology and politics came to a head in the first year of The Standard’s life when Microsoft went to trial for anti-trust. Elizabeth Wasserman joined the team and sat in Washington to surface the important political coverage of the time.

* This image is part of the set: The Industry Standard Prototype Issue, January 12, 1998

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