DC Metro Spiral (Names)

DC Metro Spiral (Names)
Virginia Software
Image by thisisbossi
Take that, geospatial relationships.

I misread an advertisement on a bus shelter in Trondheim…it was just a bunch of product-related icons sorted on a few spiraling lines, but at first glance I thought it was a transit map… it gave me an idea. I immediately made my way back to my hostel & sketched it out in the only software I had handy at the moment — Microsoft Paint (1st draft)

Behold: DC Metro … in a spiral. It includes the Farragut pairing but passes over a couple more complex details such as the Yellow Line running to Greenbelt, Blue Line using the Yellow Line Bridge, and I made a number of names a touch more concise. This should be the final version barring any major glaring errors, though I might add in those two omissions… no reason I can’t other than a preference to get some sleep instead of keep working on this.

Designed in Adobe Illustrator CS5 … a program I know not with which I do

1st draft
2nd draft
3rd draft


2011 07 20 – Linked in Bernie Wagenblast’s daily Transportation Communications Newsletter

2011 07 19 – Featured on Human Transit !

2011 07 19 – Featured on Greater Greater Washington !

2011 07 19 – Used on Prince of Petworth

2011 07 14 – 2nd draft made the evening links on DCist !

2011 07 14 – 2nd draft retweeted by perkinsms

2011 07 14 – 2nd draft retweeted by wmataplusside


I’ve loved the response to this, though one thing that’s been really interesting has been the multitude of interpretations — largely around what constitutes a "map". My two cents: a map is something you can use to get from point A to point B… it doesn’t have to be efficient, so long as all the information is there. It doesn’t even have to be geographical: it could be a mapped out strategy for any variety of things. But in the geographic sense: this map has all that you need to navigate the system. My opinion is that it’s a map… it’s just not a good one. 🙂

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