Does America Really Need More College Grads? – George Leef

Complete video at: George Leef, Director of Research at the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, deconstructs several common arguments that propose the need for increasing the number of college graduates in the US Leef argues that the number of people with college degrees currently outweighs the number of jobs that require them, and suggests that graduating more people will only lead to “credential inflation.” —– The rapid growth of China, India, Brazil and other emerging powers has dramatically altered the complexion of the global economy in recent years. At the same time, rising deficits, high trade imbalances, a declining dollar, and a lingering economic downturn have placed America’s position within the global economy in peril-and have policymakers deliberating over the keys to America’s economic future. One area often cited as critical to the nation’s future economic strength is higher education, particularly that America must dramatically increase the number of college-educated citizens to remain a leading economic power. – Miller Center for Public Affairs George Leef is Director of Research at the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy in Raleigh, NC. He was previously on the faculty of Northwood University and a policy adviser in the Michigan Senate. Since 1996, he has served as book review editor of the Foundation for Economic Education’s magazine, The Freeman. Leef is the author of Free Choice for Workers: A History of
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