Does anyone know about the North American Union? The end of America?

Question by flabbergasted: Does anyone know about the North American Union? The end of America?
NAU means no more borders, no American freedoms!

Why is everyone in America in denial about the war? Why do they believe everything they hear on the T.V.?

Does anyone know about the Real Id act Card? The coming national Id?

Does anyone know about the Hate crime bill being passed?

Do you know about free speech zones?

Do you that they are trying to get ride of the 2nd amendment, and all the others too?

Did you know this? Columbine High School. Gun-free zone. New York City pizza shop. Gun-free zone. Pearl (Miss.) High School. Gun-free zone. Luby’s Cafeteria. Gun-free zone. The Amish school in Pennsylvania. Gun-free zone.
Virginia Tech University. Gun-free zone.
Yet they claim without the 2nd amendment this wouldnt happen?

Do you Know what is REALLY going on in America?

Do you know about the consentration camps for American? <- Fema camps <- NAU <- new currency for the NAU ( north american union) <- hate crime bill <- free speech zones <- national id Check these sites out! No more America Because it will called the North American Union connected to Canada, and Mexico! No more Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence! This IS the end of American Sovernty! And the begining of a total Police state! Bush HAS already met with Mexico, and Canada on this..They are following threw with this! Best answer:

Answer by B.Kirvorkian
It would no more be the end of America than the EU marked the end of Brittain or France or Germany.


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