door, utility room – 1 – painted (Home Depot color match problems), DSL line not hanging so pitifully, concrete wall painted – IMG_3302 (20110720)

door, utility room – 1 – painted (Home Depot color match problems), DSL line not hanging so pitifully, concrete wall painted – IMG_3302 (20110720)
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Well! Much better now! Still bad, but at least now it looks like a bad paint job instead of a door about to fall apart. And the DSL line is much better now too.

Our utility room door. Not opened since the 1990s — had to be pried back shut. Used to have a wooden storm door, until one year it just collapsed and disintegrated from the elements (which is why there is a piece of wood attached to hinges on the right). The cinder block wall to our patio (left) is in crap condition too — but maybe the paint will help keep out the moisture and make it last a bit longer.

You can see where the cats ripped open the blinds so they could look open the window. This is an orange cat thing; our other cats didn’t do this.

You can see our DSL line hanging down. Originally it was worse, with cracked/missing wire insulation exposing inside wires all over the place. Combination of what I can only assume was cheap wire, combined with snow, ice, rain, and kudzu twisting the wires taut all the time. I used many many feet of electrical tape to patch up the outside of the water, and to preemptively cover up cracks that were going to end up getting worse later ("a stitch in time saves nine"). I wedged it behind various trim pieces whenever possible, with the extra slack hanging around our electric meter. DSL saved! The internet and phone companies will NOT fix this line for less than 0 per visit if it breaks. Last time it took them two visits because I wasn’t there to point at where the wire was broken. COVAD are dicks. This shit is important. It shouldn’t be considered inside wiring, but it is. Once it’s past your junction box, it’s all "inside" wiring, even if it’s outside! Typical corporate doublespeak; outside becomes inside in the world of profiting off your consumers. I am the 99%, goddamnit.

Damn kudzu is already climbing up the door again, despite us weed-wacking the hell out of it just weeks before.

Home Depot’s color-matching skills with Behr paint-with-prime vs Behr paint-without-prime leaves a lot to be desired. A LOT. Our color mis-matching here is what you get when you take the same paint back and ask them to match the existing paint. They, er, uh… don’t. No refunds! a gallon paint-with-primer, a gallon paint-without-primer, tons of brushes, paint thinner, rags, elbow grease — And you get this! Mis-matched color!

DSL line, Home Depot color matching, cinder blocks, concrete wall, house maintenance, kudzu, mismatched paint, utility room door.
after painting.

side yard, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

July 20, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: While dealing with Farmers insurance & Progressive/Homesite insurance’s dropping our policy for us having peeling window sill paint (among other things), we had to do a bunch of house repairs. While painting our window sills, we also painted other surfaces that needed painting, such as doors, railings, soffits, stairs, gutters, pipes, and cinder block walls.

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