Exploring Bowden Cave (near Elkins WV – October 14 1998)

Another passion of mine besides trains-cave exploration! Here, we check out Bowden Cave, a few miles east of Elkins, West Virginia. This really isn’t a thorough exploration, as most of my cave explorations usually are, but just a trip to the stream passage located on a lower level of the cave (challenging enough!). We on occasion make short explorations such as this to see what we’re up against should we decide to return and explore more thoroughly after all. My first 8mm camcorder had no built-in light, making it necessary to use our bike headlights as cave lights! I tried to maintain as much detail as possible under these circumstances. So come on in with us!! We’re over 40, and we did it!! Actually, we stopped here while taking the “scenic route” home from Cass! Note: This cave was closed in the early 2000s (reason unknown) but I believe it’s been reopened since. Use caution, and know what you’re getting into! And, please, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time! From an 8mm video. Mastered here in 720p for best upload results with my software.

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