False Advertising on craigslist?

Question by : False Advertising on craigslist?
I’ve been looking for a dehumidifier on craigs list because I am unemployed and can not afford a new one. I found a moving sale in Virginia and started communicating with the guy for at least three days in reference to the dehumidifier. He lives so far from me but I thought it may be worth it. I got to his home around 9:30pm and he explained to me (in his garage) how the machine operates and gave me filters and a manual. Then quickly put it in my car. On the way home I noticed that the Instrution Manual said “Evaporating Console Humidifier Owners Manual. At this point I was half way home. THE B@ST@RD SOLD ME A HUMIDIFIER although he advertised it as a dehumidifier and even in his emails he said it was a dehumidifier. I gave him 50.00 buck and drove over 40 miles. If this guy doesn’t give me my 50 bucks back tomorrow, should I call the police to get his information to take him to court? Any suggestions because i’m not the type of person that let stuff go.
Now that I think about it — I couldn’t find his address in my GPS because he probably gave me the wrong address but I remember where the townhouse was — I could go there tomorrow (if he doesn’t agree or answer his phone) and will call the police from there. All I want now is to take his ass to court or my money back — he can pay the court costs.
Thanks Jake, but I know ignorance is not an excuse in court.
Not only that — he is now emailing me saying he advertised it as a humidifier (which he did not). I have the original post, the emails and everything.
I think I’ll take the loss this time because he’s not worth going to jail over. I’m ready to whip some behind. Instead, I’ll pray that God take care of it for me.

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Answer by Jake Birdem
Sorry about your inconvenience, but I doubt you would have a legal case, the guy can just plead stupidity, if it was not actually not his personal property he truely might not have known the difference.

To put it in perspective, despite the big craigslist warnings in red, someone I know wired $ 5000 to a stranger across the country to ship a car the never materialized.

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