Gail for Rail Parker Independent Greens of Virginia at WPFW Radio

Gail for Rail Parker, Independent Greens of Virginia (IG) retired US Air Force officer, business owner, mother, grandmother. Conservative Gail for Rail Parker is an attractive, appealing, and well known Independent Green Party fiscal hawk. Gail for Rail Parker is the state Vice Chair of the Independent Greens of Virginia. www.VoteJoinRun.US Gail for Rail Parker advocates for “More Trains, Less Traffic”. Parker was elected, and re-elected as one of two Virginia Representatives to the Metropolitan Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board Citizens Advisory Committee. Gail for Rail Parker was elected chair of the Public Safety Committee of the Fairfax County Federation of Civic Associations. Gail for Rail Parker is a well known, and respected fiscal conservative calling for balancing the federal budget, and paying off the federal debt. Cut no bid uncontested contracts. Cut spending. Cut taxpayer subsidies to oil, auto, blacktop, cement. Gail for Rail Parker is for “More Candidates, Less Apathy”. Gail for Rail recruits people to get on the ballot as Independent Greens and stand for office. Gail for Rail Parker has been an Independent Green Party candidate on the ballot every year since 2005. 2005 – Virginia state House of Delegates -44th District 2006 – US Senate, Virginia 2007 – Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Chairman 2008 – US Senate, Virginia 2009 – Virginia state House of Delegates -44th District 2010 – US House of Representatives – 1st District 2011
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