Ghost Adventures (S03E06) Virginia City, NV – Old Washoe Club

Visit: for Paranormal News and Information. Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Virginia City, NV, the site of their very first investigation. The angry spirits in this old western mining town have been waiting for their return. Some amazing EVPs are captured during this episode of Ghost Adventures at the Old Washoe Club. Virginia City, Nevada, or Old Virginny Town as it was called by locals, was built around the infamous Comstock Lode, which, in 1859, was the first major discovery of silver in the US, and which lured fortune-seeking prospectors from all over the world. Here, immense fortunes were made by a lucky few while countless others toiled in the mines, often meeting their death in pursuit of the same. The Comstock Lode was the first major US discovery of silver ore, located under what is now Virginia City, Nevada, on the eastern slope of Mount Davidson, a peak in the Virginia Range. After the discovery was made public in 1859, prospectors rushed to the area and scrambled to stake their claims. Mining camps soon thrived in the vicinity, which became bustling centers of fabulous wealth. The excavations were carried to depths of more than 3200 feet (1000 m). It is notable not just for the immense fortunes it generated and the large role those fortunes had in the growth of Nevada and San Francisco, but also for the advances in mining technology that it spurred. The mines declined after 1874. Death came in many forms on the Comstock, not only in the mines
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