HELP! *college admissions*?

Question by DDomination: HELP! *college admissions*?
I am a senior and I have a BAD gpa its a 2.9 W, and 2.5 UW My SAT score is a 1920 total. I have a TON of extra curriculars. Rugby, lacrosse, basketball, president of the african american student union, virginia math league, competitive ballet for about 14 years, debate team, plus more. Also, I have been taking language and science classes at the community college. The language classes are for fun but the sciences are to make up for the ones i did poorly in in high school. Also, i did badly in lower maths but i took AP calculus last year and got an A. Im so confused and i feel like i wont get into any colleges. Where should I apply. I live in virginia by the way. Suggestions of colleges PLEASE!
P.s.: a two-year community college or anything like it is not acceptable to my parents who are both very successful and went to excellent universities as well as my brother (who went to vanderbilt, Bio-medical engineering major).
Where should I go? I dont care about location, tuition or anything, i just need to get into a school!
Where should i apply?
UW= unweighted
W= weighted

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Answer by The Goldfish
quick question What does W and UW mean!? i answered it but the UW and W threw me offf

okay well 2.9 is okay (well to me it is cause i’m a whopping 1. freaking 9 in my senior year)

I believe some State Universities start at accepting at 2.7 so if the college accepts ur weighted GPA it can work (but im not sure how the UW and W GPA works with college acceptances) so what you could do is check one out and go to which ever is the best one and get very very high grades to transfer into a an even better university. Thats what my college advisor told me. Check out they supposedly have infor about all colleges and stuff

Do you have a college advisor or Guidance counselor at school that can help you? I think you should speak to them

sorry if what i said made no sense

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