Help with Nintendo DS…playing mp3s?

Question by princessB: Help with Nintendo DS…playing mp3s?
My little sister has a Nintendo DS and I know there are ways to allow it to play mp3s, but i want to know which one ppl think is best….and i have absolutely no clue what im doing, so any information you could give me would be helpful. I know Datel has Games and Music, but ive also read stuff about other homebrew software and things like Flashme and Moonshell….anyone who knows what they’re talking about and/or who has used any of these, please help!! … OR if you know of anywhere in Northern Virginia that would install something for me, although i doubt it, let me know thanks!!!!

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Answer by gamingexpert13
well the stuff i’ve heard about is:

GameBoy Movie Player (takes compact flash cards and should work with the ds)

Play-Yan Micro (takes sd cards)

Nintendo MP3 Player (only released in the uk. basically a repackaged Play-Yan)

Games ‘n’ Music (takes miniSD cards)

I haven’t used any of these and there might be more because i hadn’t even heard of Games ‘n’ Music before now. Also I think it would probably be safer to go with a hardware solution like those rather than a firmware modification. If you mess up your firmware it would render your ds unusable.

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