Help with requirements for college?

Question by MusicLuvr: Help with requirements for college?
if i wanna get into one of these:
cooper union
virginia tech
columbia university
university of virginia
university of pennsylvania

needed GPA:___________
needed SAT/ACT scores:________
amount of sports:__________

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Answer by ღStaceyღ
Places like Harvard and Yale are THE single most difficult schools to get into. Although they don’t require specific grades or test scores, the majority of people accepted have GPA’s of AT LEAST 3.75, but typically above 4.0, and SAT scores above 1400.

You are definitely expected to take advantage of the AP courses your school offers and try to hold at least one leadership position during high school (such as class president or vice president) and be active in community service. Try holding a part-time job or internship as well sometime during high school or during the summer.

And a well-written essay and really good recommendation letters will be the icing on the cake!

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