Horses for sale- eastern VA?

Question by abc123ohyeaa: Horses for sale- eastern VA?
Im looking for an english horse in eastern Virginia. Any breed, but it must be over 15hh or exactly 15hh. It MUST be ridable. it can be a little green, though. any discipline. Please respond ASAP. i am willing to pay up to 800$ and/or trade for my shetland-welsh pony. Brown and white- rideable, but harded-headed. can jump around 4′ without a rider. around 10 or 11hh. I am going to give any horse a good home!!
ive tried every online website like that. I found one, but the lady sold it before i got to look at it. so now i dont know what to do..

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Answer by MusicIsMyLife

This is where I found my horse 🙂 She’s a nice girl and an excellent broodmare and companion.

You can search for you breed, location, and type of horse you want.

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