Hotel Charlotte, Keysville, Virginia–Sepia

Hotel Charlotte, Keysville, Virginia–Sepia
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Image by Universal Pops
The hotel dates from around 1907 and is right across the street from the old railroad depot in Keysville, Virginia. Post cards were a phenomenon at that time; sepia would have been an appropriate treatment of this building.

The style of architecture is Victorian, probably a vernacular Queen Anne. There is a tower, but it’s no higher than any of the rest of the irregular roof. A series of bay windows is on the side with the tower, one after another with little space in between. The old hotel is of wood, two stories with entrances from lower and upper porches. Two stairways lead from the bottom to the top level, one at the far right and one at the left, partially blocked from view by the trees. The porch is uniform in its use of railings; decorative brackets are at the top of each post. Five gables are visible, all with sort sort of shingling effect. The foundation appears to be brick.

I don’t know the exact date of this hotel, but it is a prominent landmark in the small town of Keysville. The hotel is in a state of disrepair, badly needing repairs in some places. Until recently it housed the headquarters of the Virginia Southern Railraod, which was bought out by Buckingham Branch. Some of the rooms are rented out as apartments.

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