hotels in arlington virginia?

Question by barry k: hotels in arlington virginia?

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Answer by julietravelcaster
You don’t say what level of hotel or what. There are three main areas where you might find hotels in Arlington, all near the Metro System. They are Crystal City, Rosslyn, and Ballston.

Crystal City has just about every chain hotel under the sun. Marriott, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, they are all there. One of Washington’s budget hotels, the Americana Inn is there also. There are also some hotels near nearby Pentagon City.

Rosslyn’s big hotel is the Key Bridge Marriott, right across the bridge from Georgetown, and a great choice. But expensive!

Ballston has a Renaissance, a Holiday Inn, a Hilton, and a Comfort Inn at least, and might be a bit more reasonably priced (at least the Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn). The Renaissance is right above the Metro Station, while the more reasonably priced hotels are a little walk away.

Ballston possibllly has more happening in the evening, and is less a hotel community than the other locations – although Rosslyn has some great restaurants.

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