Hotels in Williamsburg, Virginia?

Question by Bethy: Hotels in Williamsburg, Virginia?
I’m going to go on a trip with my sister this summer to Williamsburg, VA. I’m 18 and have a credit card. She’s only 16. I’m sure some hotels are iffy about younger people due to hooligans sometimes throwing parties with underage drinking/drugs and whatnot…So, what hotels will let me rent a room in Williamsburg?

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Answer by jwhitakr
Since you are under 21, your best bet is to contact condo / cabin owners directly to see if they will rent to you. Very few hotels or motels will accept under 21 visitors.

Rather than give you a specific property name and location, I would suggest that you do some research on the available houses/condos, the prices and the locations. I have used in the past and it was quite helpful for narrowing down my choices and booking a few nights stay.

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