Hotels walking distance from Virginia Beach, VA?

Question by : Hotels walking distance from Virginia Beach, VA?
I’m trying to plan a trip for a group and i was thinking of the beach but we don’t want an ocean front because of price. Can u tell me any hotels across from the the boardwalk that’s walking distance to the beach?
Thanks for any answers! they will really help!!

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Answer by Chefao
The first road at the beach is Atlantic Avenue and then one road back is Pacific. Any hotel on Pacific is walkable to the beach, Prices will obviously be much less for anything on Pacific than Atlantic and then less non-beach compared to ocean front. On Google Maps it shows Pacific as US 60. One street back from that is Arctic Ave and you are still only 2 blocks off the beach. So do this –

Type in Virginia Beach to Google Maps. When it brings up the location then click on “Nearby”. Type in Hotels and then start checking each one based on your dates. There are Virginia Beach travel planners as well that can help you search better or plug your dates into a search engine. How big is your group? I had a group of 20 last year and got a really good deal on rooms because they fight for your business when it comes to groups.

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