House Listed Illegally! ? ? ? Help take it off Yahoo!?

Question by todd r: House Listed Illegally! ? ? ? Help take it off Yahoo!?
A previous owner has listed my house for sale and hasn’t taken if off yahoo real estate here: :;_ylt=A9j8aVI0CRlHdRkBsgA4OrQs?

I have contacted this man and he isn’t even an agent and will not take this off the web. Please help me and give me contact information for Yahoo! so I may contact them to take it off the web. Please let me know how I may get this listing off the yahoo real estate.

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Answer by moekittykitty
Yahoo will not remove it. This guy is probably using your house’s listing just to draw people to him so he can try the old bait and switch routine to sell more of his property. About the only thing you can do is report this guy to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is listed in your telephone book. When he gets a notice from the BBB that you have filed a complaint, he will probably take your house off of Yahoo just to keep it off of his record.

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